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Scholl 20DEN Black Light Legs Compression Tights - Fibre Firm Technology, Large

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Walk around in style and comfort with the Scholl 20DEN Compression Tights. For perfectly shaped legs that look and feel great, try these stockings that provide superior comfort and support for your legs. This versatile tight serves as a statement piece that can upgrade your overall look for the day, while providing the compression that your legs need to stay comfortable even during all-day wear. Made from premium quality fabric, this pair of tights features the new Fibre Firm technology which provides graduated compression that helps facilitate proper circulation of blood along the entire length of the legs – preventing your calves and shins from aching. Specifically designed to precision, these tights have stretchable fibers that apply the right amount of pressure for sexier and shapelier legs. Its sleek black fabric is designed to help you create a bold statement in any outfit. These stockings can withstand up to 100 washes without losing its superior shape and color. These 20 denier tights have a sheer and durable fabric that is perfect for creating a natural-looking leg silhouette that looks best with gowns and dresses for formal occasions.


1 Pair of Scholl 20DEN Large Compression Tights in Black.


  • Reinforced with Fibre Firm technology.
  • Opaque 20 denier fiber provides the right amount of compression and protection.
  • Stimulates blood flow to prevent tired and achy legs.
  • Provides gradual compression for the entire legs.
  • Facilitates efficient blood circulation.
  • Gives the appearance of more slender legs.