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Scholl 20DEN Black Legs Compression Tights - Fibre Firm Technology, X-Large

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Experience ultra-precision comfort right at the touch of your skin with the Scholl 20DEN Compression Tights made from the finest quality fabric. It features a sleek and soft black color to create a natural bold statement. Scholl reinforced these tights with Fibre firm technology that provides gradual compression from ankle all the way up. This feature helps proper blood circulation by applying enough pressure that will naturally tighten and shape your legs for more defined legs. These tights can withstand up to 100 washes – so forget about quality compromising. The opaque 20DEN tights feel just as good as it looks that helps keep your legs protected while providing just the right amount of heat and compression. Manufactured to perfection to give you extra comfort preventing tired and achy legs with its naturally stretchable fibers.


1 x Scholl 20DEN Extra Large Compression Tights in Black.


  • Enhanced with fibre firm technology.
  • Gradual compression from the ankle all the way up.
  • Pressure tights that helps blood circulation.
  • Tightens and shapes legs.
  • Opaque 20DEN gives just the right amount of warm protection.
  • Prevents tired and achy legs.